(17:00 - 20:00)

Focaccia and craft beer Happy Hour
​(a large focaccia and two craft beers: €22 for two people) 

STEW OF THE DAY - JOTA (sauerkraut and bean) with a sourdough roll €9
+Carniolan sausage with tepka pear €6

Tripe with a sourdough roll €10




From our delicatessen – A BASKET OF TRADITIONAL TASTES:

Loaf of sourdough bread (€5)

Carniolan sausage with tepka pears (€6)

Uroš’s autumn pickles – 200g (€6)

Uroš’s veal pate - 200g (€8)

Tepka pear chocolates – 6 (€10)

Tepka pear juice 0,33 l – 4 x (€14)

Toman’s marinated young cheese – 300g (€12)

cinnemon rolls, 4 pie. (€16)


Zelen Guerila 2019 wine – Demeter (€22)

Malvazija Zaro 2018 - organic, orange (€29)

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - Turno, Movia (€25)

Why not let us prepare and deliver you a basket of traditional tastes (for cca. 4 people).
A basket costs €69 and contain all the items listed above except wines.
A basket makes an excellent surprise birthday gift!

We accept ORDERS. Please call: 041 747 636 or send your order by email to:

Thereafter, orders may be placed one day in advance of the expected delivery day.

TO ENSURE SAFETY, PAYMENT should be made directly to our bank account upon
confirmation of your order:
Souvenir, d.o.o.
Linhartov trg 17
4240 Radovljica 
Bank account number: SI56 3300 0001 0431 662 (Addiko Bank d.d.)  

We will send you a receipt upon receipt of payment.